How Floating Breakwaters Work

1Wave Eater is an innovative, convenient, floating breakwater system designed for various waterfront applications that is both easy to install and environmentally safe.

Our breakwater devices are constructed of linear low density molded polyethylene with a high density polyethylene tubular core. The interior is hollow which is filled with water at installation until the units are two-thirds submerged. The exterior has a series of baffles that agitate back and forth as the waves strike the system.

Our Wave Attenuator System

2Wave Eater's innovative design allows for a number of different configurations based on the amount of wave dissipation (the removal of wave height and energy) required, as it passes through the attenuator.

Click to See Wave Eater in action.

When engineering a wave attenuation system we take into account the wave length, (distance crest to crest), wave height, water depth and fetch distance. Based on those aquatic specifications, we can design a breakwater system encompassing your specific needs.

Wave Eater Protection

3Our product provides a means of protection that is both economical and functional. Installations in the US and various other countries have been designed for protecting marinas, boat launch facilities, utility spillways, shore erosion prevention and even floating breakwater for fish farms.

Since Wave Eater is comprised of plastic and filled with water it's "footprint" on the environment is minimal, thereby allowing for an expedited processing when design and installation permits are required.